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STORY TIME WITH D-PRYDE lyrics : "Kick It"

I met you through a
Friend I used to know up in highschool//
Thought you were type cool, every-time I'd run by you//

You'd talk to me here and there, I thought you were cool and stuff//
I started to like you more, at times I would scoop you up//
You asked me what college I go to, well I dropped out//

You said you went to humber college and its hard to be there//
I said I travel frequently, mostly not in town//
You said you were studying, you're try-ing to be a teacher//

I thought that was interesting, you grew with intetions//
I felt you 'cause the things that you would say would make sense

I just grew to be attatched to you so I just started missin you too//
And everytime you called you asked me "can I kick it with you"?

You always hated your eyes, cause they were plain brown//
You had a blackbook, writing everything down//
with crazy long hair that I would play with every-day//

And we'd cuddle while we'd listen to slow jams//
You'd tell me all your secrets, things you-did-in-the-past//
You used to blow trees,-but-those-things-you-did-didnt last//

You skip like every class to talk to me, I called to check up on you//
We'd always grab sushi, I'd-be-that-dude-you-would-talk-to//
Bout bad kissers,

I'd tell you I was good at that stuff//
We slid kisses to each other, then our clothes would slip off//
And every time I'd say I need you, you'd be missin me too//

And I would ask, can I kick it withchu//

This is where I bring this story to an end//

When you went to all these parties with your friends//
Back to blowin trees again and drinking real heavily//
And then I got scared from this message that you texted me//

You said you rode with Chris up in his car, at the end of the night//
He had some drinks in his system, you were in the back seat//
Started swervin down the road...and your friends were in fright//

I-called you, you didn't answer, after that I fell asleep//
I woke up the next morning in tears//
a car crash up happened highway, I was mourning in fear//

It was crazy cause I swear the love we had was like a friendship//
And now it seems like everything just ended//
I'm lookin at this news report about this young kid drunk driving//

With 3 girls up in the car and I felt a great pain stuck//
I saw a list of all the people that just died in the crash//
And was hurt mad crazy when your name came up//

Fast forward to the funeral and yes I was present//
Roses all up on your casket, parents crying and all that//
Your friends were all there, cryin like nervous wrecks and

I was witnessing the pain and heard them wantin their friend back...
I walked up to your casket with a rose...
Said "everyday I'm gon be thinking of you"...

and up there is where you're missing me too//
So when my time comes I'll be there asking hey, can I kick it with you?

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