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Story Of The Year lyrics : "Pay Your Enemy"

Your face was never missed.
Your cleverness and cunning words did not exist.
Bitter and bleak, your $#[email protected] weak.

You no you don't deserve a thing
You fight for pride to save your name
To heal the scars and erase the shame

Dig the grave, dig the grave
Save an ounce of dignity

There's nothing left to prove to you

You've become the enemy

Let It go woohoo woohoo
But You'll never take the blame
So Let it go

I'll tear it down

Arrogant, sycophant, flatter everyone you can

I'm pulling teeth, 'cause talk is cheap
And my regrets are elbow deep
So Now it's time to chase the dreams

With hand granades and gasoline

Burn it down

Burn it down
Every gracious word you speak
'cause now i see right through

So $#[email protected] you

The time has come you know

To just let go
Just let it all go
And it's not enough that your handed everything

Still you smile to my face
But this time

I'll tear it down
'cause there's nothing left to prove, to you

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