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Never have I seen so many dreams

Instantly combust before my eyes

I'll never hear you say, there's just no way
You'll come to realize the fire burns only if we try.

This new desire leaves me to smolder

It over overpowers not growing colder

So unstoppable the flames that burn within
Just call out to me I'll set your heart ablaze

I've become volcanic now I'm erupting
Breathing the ash and sulfur, skyline falling dim
Emotions flowing like stone, deep from the core

For now I've become volcanic, I am volcanic

Never will I find such perfection

No other flame has ever burned so bright
This is the fuel I've found it keeps me driven now
You'll come to realize this fire will burn us alive

Knowing nothing of silence within constant pressure
Fault lines make threat of shifting entomb in stone

I cannot cage this brutal feeling always I wonder
Forever erupting for your beautiful burning soul

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