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[i: beast]

Man without law

His sulfur kingdom of the blind
Kill them all, their miserable lives
Slaughter of the innocence

Prodigal father exudes grace

[ii: blood and roses]

Diabolical domain
Cruel with intentions of madness

Harvest the spirits of the dead
Dripping with blood filled tears
Dead man who walks eternal is alone

His endless beauty cut to ribbons
Ritual desire, blissful games won

[iii: diseased]

Disgustingly deformed birth

Sickness and disease he gives
The haunting scarlet formed
Mutant cunts, rotten faces

Amputation of the soul
No mouths to speak
Gifts of torture welcomed

Emotional chaos, parallax views
Death upon the earth given pleasure

[iv: vanity]

His vanity vile, the egotist unequalled

Mirror of the beast
Chronicles of mort have begun
Dynasty of the master

Torturer of a thousand generations comes
You're going to die

[v: death]

Fear in gods children exposed

Evaporating life, walking sick
Wounds calling for self destruction
Deadly shadow of the killing spree

Feed me, taste me
Destroy his memories, now dead
Children of the dark born

[vi: ulcer man]

You walk behind
Dead inside and falling
Silence now found

Beast of the apocalypse
Tears of man obsessed

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