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STILETTO HILLS : Entitlement lyrics

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STILETTO HILLS lyrics : "Entitlement"

This isn't quite, what I wanted in the end
is this my sorry excuse for a life?
I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach

that I failed you, for the last time

Even though I was miserable at best, I convinced myself that

you were what I needed, you were what I craved and,
that was bull%#@!
finally I see right through it

how could I be so clueless?

Well I think I'm entitled to more

than this life that you've imposed on me
I think it's time for change

Wake up and smell the ashes
this life's been wasted by every
single thing you've said

I bit off more than I could chew,
it's not that complicated
don't make this harder than it

has to be

we've created a cancer for which there is no remedy

we've made this life for ourselves,
I don't think there is any escape

it's $#&@ing killing me.

here me out, this is the last time

I gave you everything and you aren't here
you left me all alone, and I was so naive
I thought that we'd survive

you were my last mistake

if only I knew the outcome from the start

if only I saw what had to happen.

this isn't what i signed up for,

won't you take me home where I belong? (x3)
this isn't what I signed up for
oh god won't you take me home?

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