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STICK TO THE SHALLOWS : You Gotta Be Fresh lyrics

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STICK TO THE SHALLOWS lyrics : "You Gotta Be Fresh"

Lets bring this whisper to a shout
Every day is a constant struggle to find a reason to exist.

So place your trust in another
for we all know I'll only disappoint.
Failure after failure, dream after dream.

Can I ever start to feel like I'm pushing through?
Now take a moment to finalize your thoughts.
If only I were stronger.

If only we were strong.
We could not have perceived this impure form.
We could not have perceived this impurity.

Now close your mind, for it was never opened.
This always ends in the same $#&@ing way.
I can not contain this any more. This must be released. BLEGH!

Wise words as told by passing feats
You're nothing until you can be taken advantage of but even then the line draws thin
I $#&@ing hate myself.

I cannot rehold my grasp on this reality.
I cannot rehold my head, high above the ground.

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