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Stick Figure lyrics : "COMING HOME"

Here I go again I'm thinking about you
I can't help myself, I can't help myself
And I apologize to all of you

I lost myself, I lost myself
And open up your mind to something new
Is this the road? We'll never know

And I have tried to find my way back home
Well I'm coming home, well I'm coming home

Well I remember when you said that I had everything I needed
Took a while, now I finally can see it
Negativity almost had me defeated

Well here I am I'm back on my feet and

Mama, mama won't you look at me

I grew up fast and my mind is free
I don't know everything
But I do remember what you said, you said

Life is all about balance and redemption
Moderation, love and affection

This meditation and inner reflection
Keep the faith with your soul's intention
Let the truth shine through with your actions

Make your dreams come true with attraction
Always live your life with no regret
And don't look back but never forget

I got so high just last night, it felt so nice
I had the time of my life, just last night

Well you can come if you wanna, but I'm leaving here tonight
And tell me if you're gonna, 'cause I won't leave you behind

So you think that you got the answers, you think that you'll never know
People they keep on talking, the truth is gonna show

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home

I'm coming home

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