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Stevie Nicks : One More Big Time Rock And Roll Star lyrics

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Stevie Nicks lyrics : "One More Big Time Rock And Roll Star"

I told you last night or did you tell me
I think that it was me and I know that you heard it
I was crazy about you that's how it always was

Do you think about me now as I sing about this love

When it rains it pours

When there's no one at the door
Yes he did send me flowers
Well that was a long time ago

Sounded good on a
Delicate white-ribbon card
"One more big time rock and roll star"

Just what I need

As you walk away you know that I will call

If it's just to say goodnight and that is all
Well alright that's a lie she says she wanted you to stay
But you know much better than she

She's better off this way

Undercover music lover

Oh undercover music lover and an art lover like me
There were candles, crystals, I was anyone's fantasy
Say I'm not 'cause the work just gets harder

The work gets...
Oh, one more big time rock and roll star

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