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Stevie Nicks : Gold And Braid lyrics

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Stevie Nicks lyrics : "Gold And Braid"

Though deep set and somewhat shadowed
Her life... her mystery
Well it's not so different than the way that he said

"So don't hide your eyes from me that way, baby"

In his heart he wishes her stardom

His eyes want for her much more
That's not so different
Than the way that he said

"There are so very few stars left"

Don't hide behind your hair

It's a bit of gold and braid
Easy come the tears
You see a pathway ending with a doorway

You slip toward the doorway
Been waiting there all day
All these years

Don't hide it
In his heart, he wishes to forget her

Like to make her better
And to hold her like a child

Don't hide your eyes that way
Don't hide anything not anymore
Because I never did not love you

I never did run from you
In a dream I said to you
That I'd always love you

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