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STEVEN, A.D. lyrics : "Appleloosa"

[Verse 1:]
These books and pens are just fabulous friends
Amongst relationships I've built at this school I attend but

Nothing quite compares to a mare's company
And only one mare was ever really there for me.

Urging me, get out, explore the world
Why would you read about events when you can watch them unfurl?
It's hard to make an argument with logic this sound, she's buckin' my walls and

breakin' 'em down, pushing me out from my familiar ground.

Bought our tickets, now I'm taking a seat

Never could admit it, but a skeptic is me.
But I guess that I will give it a shot.
Even though I know the weather there's a little bit hot.

Well, four hours later when my patience runs out,
I'm bewildered how she smiles as I open my mouth

Talking how i'm so sick of this bouncing about
When suddenly she shouts:

Canterlot can't hold a candle to ya

We're on our way!
Our train treads tracks as it fades away.

It's why, not where, when you're chasing love.
We're on our way!
She said, "won't you come to stay?"

[Verse 2:]
Shine and rise cause the moment's arrived

Sublime is her expression as we step outside-
Outside, wild west, mild west, saloon,
Braeburn welcome wagon's much too much ado

About a town where I see so little really going down
Other than that one bum lying face down on the ground

All around, not a sound, rather sounds that I have found
To be found in a town where things are really going down.

This town was the center of a buffalo attack
In the past and the past is the pastime act-
Re-enacting ev-ver-y detail exactly matching

Gotta give them credit for this acting.

Gotta share, gotta care, and suddenly I am aware.

Of all of the faces I am the only frown that's out there.
Some pink mare points a hoof at my chair
and so the ponies stop to stare.

My head is buried between my hooves.

I feel a gentle nudge so I lock eyes with you, and
With a twinkling wink an inkling I think I see:
There's something here for me.


[Verse 2.5:]
Bought our tickets now we're taking a seat.
Despite my reservations was a wonderful week.

Tears are streaming down her face,
And I can finally admit that it's a wonderful place.

I wipe her eyes, an emotion arise-s
She takes her lips and plants a kiss on mine- yes,
It's gonna be

Appleloosan nights for me. Yeah!


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