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STEVE LUKATHER : Darkness In My World lyrics

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STEVE LUKATHER lyrics : "Darkness In My World"

Don't forgive me when I'm gone
Please forgive me if I was wrong
Find the strenght to carry on

Woke up this morning
With an emptiness inside my heart

That never dies

No one seems to care at all

10, 000 miles away, tears in my eyes

As I fall on the broken glass

Of my hopes and dreams
And the truth starts to unfurl
There's darkness in my world

There's darkness in my world

52 it sure came fast

Decades seems to pass,
I'm looking deep inside myself
Wonder what my life is worth

I question every move I make
My mortal sins, and life itself

As I question the how's and why's
Could we be near the end
I'm parying for differeal

There's darkness in my world

Don't forgive me when I'm gone

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