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Steve Earle : every part of me lyrics

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Steve Earle lyrics : "every part of me"

I love you with all my heart
All my soul, every part of me
It's all I can do to mark

Where you start and where I end you see

I've laboured long in my travails

An' left a trail of tears behind me
been in love so many times
never thought this kind would ever find me

I love you with everything
all my weakness all my strength

I can't promise anything
'cept that my last breath will bear your name

and when I'm gone they'll sing a song
about a lonely fool who wandered
around the world and back again

but in the end he finally found her

I love you with all my heart

all my soul and every part of me

Across the universe I'll spin

until the end and then I wonder
If we should get another chance
could I have that dance forever under

a double moon and sky lite stars
shining down on where you are

and I love you with all my heart
all my soul and every part of me

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