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Steve Earle : Calico County lyrics

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Steve Earle lyrics : "Calico County"

Have a case of cold pill
Soaking in a milk tub
Hydrochloric acid, I find ?

Careful not to get any on you when you shave it up
Pass away with cook it up in Calico County
Calico County

Born in a double white
Hide behind the counter

Momma never told me why daddy didn't live with us
Only teacher I had is climbing on a ṗrison bus
? on his back seat,

Calico County
Calico County

My little brother Bubba
Stole a Coca Cola truck

Drove it to the cemetery, Bubba doesn't give a f*ck
Thirteen tombstones ? on the bus
Ain't that much money,

Calico County
Calico County

Outta here someday,
Ain't that what I used to say?
? isn't gonna have to stay

Friday night, don't fight
Soaking on a miff top
Till I live or down or die

Calico county,
Calico County
Calico County

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