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Steve Boller : Can't Wait To Find Someone lyrics

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Steve Boller lyrics : "Can't Wait To Find Someone"

Two by two they come marchin' along
Happy and healthy and carrying on
And every word to every song that they know was written about love

But i don't feel like that right now
Call me unlucky or jaded or down

I just hope i can figure it out soon


I can't wait to find someone
Someone to hold me close and keep me warm oh
I can't wait to find someone

Don't wanna sleep alone tonight.

I wish i had patience to just be content

But the longer i wait oh the harder it gets
I sometimes wish my fears would let me go
It's all i'm thinking of...

Springtime is filled with young love in the air
Dancing around me but never too near

Tell me you need me and say you'll be there
Give me a reason to care.


Everyday is the same old story

Where i fear that i'll fail and i choose to ignore it
I know i will never find love if i don't try
If i don't try

If i don't try...


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