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STETSASONIC : Paul's Groove lyrics

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STETSASONIC lyrics : "Paul's Groove"

On fire, on fire, on fire
On fire, on fire, on fire

On fire, on fire, on fire

We were born to be on, got strong and life-long
Our element of song, could never steer you wrong
We attack like a fleet, and burn like the heat

We win like a champ and the victory is sweet
We drive like a drill, we soothe like a pill
We consume till we're filled, opposition is nill

We speak to attain unattainable feats, and I'm rockin to the beat
Y'all and you don't quit, as I rely solely upon my wit
To help me say this rhyme for I forget

And rock much parties till skies are lit

Cause it's a sure hit from my rhymin' kit

While other MC's takin a stand I sit
And if a jam gets ill I'll deal with it
Cause I'm as hot as hot could ever get

And I'm not a nitwit when I throw a Stet fit
I hear em yellin and yellin (Daddy-O is legit)
And I don't smoke crack cause I'm not with it

The crew is crack-free and we'll admit it
Stet's been stickin out a stake for style
And on the mic we a-fi wicked and sometimes wild

We are the ones that'll take you higher
We're the band called Stet (my man) and we're on fire

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