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Steel Panther : Turn Out The Lights lyrics

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Steel Panther lyrics : "Turn Out The Lights"

So you're big and kinda hairy
Like a monkey at the zoo
I don't care if you're a monkey

With an $$# that's red and blue
Cause I'm gonna $#&@ you doggy-style
The way chihuahua's do

But I got one request
That I just have to ask of you

Turn out the lights
Before you suck my dick
Someone beat you with an ugly stick

I wanna $#&@, but you make me sick, so
Turn out the lights, Turn out the lights

So you think that I'm a loser
Cause I used to be in Jail
And I got my GED Diploma

Last week in the mail
Well at least a man can exercise
If he gets too fat

But I got news for you
Your face will always look like that

Turn out the lights
Before I take a ride
You don't seem to have a \"good side\"

Whip out a condom and the astro-glide
Turn out the lights Turn out the lights
I think I'm gonna hurl

Jesus Christ I hope that you're a girl
Open your mouth, baby, here come the pearls
Turn out the lights, Turn out the lights

Tell me when it's over
Please tell me you don't have VD

Thank god that it's over, yeah

Well we all have indiscretions

I think you're my BIGGEST yet
Had to roll you in some flour
Just to find where you were wet

Well this never would've happened
If I hadn't lost that bet
I wonder if our grand-kids

Will ask us how we met

Turn out the lights

Girl it's way to bright
I don't wanna look at your cellulite
There ain't nothing on your body that's tight

Turn out the lights, Turn out the lights

Before you take off your clothes

I wanna tie you up with some garden hose
Slap your tits and rub my balls on your nose
Turn out the lights, Turn out the lights

Before we do the deed
Before I cover your box with my seed

I'm gonna pound ya 'till ya $#&@ing start to bleed, (*##$
Turn out the lights, Turn out the lights

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