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Steel Panther : In The Future lyrics

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Steel Panther lyrics : "In The Future"

It is the future... year 6969. Somewhere out in Megaspace. The Pelozees of the Lesbo!@() Nebula, in order to continue breeding after removal from the universe their last remaining enemy, men, created the PIL - Penile Impregnation Lingumbot. Rezark SP - a prototype PIL, accidentally launched into chrono-space during the hyperfiber wars, has programmed a self replicating evo-loop and drifts for a kilo-year, alone and sentient in a tele-operative trajectory above Planet Three-S: formerly known as Earth. Lowering his astrogate to Planet Three-S, Rezark SP, the last surviving chrononaut, has a bad case of bluballsium and one thing on his hydro-mind: #~!!@!

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