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Steel Panther : Eatin' Ain't Cheatin' lyrics

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Steel Panther lyrics : "Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'"


I went down on her last night
From what i understand baby thats alright

I didn't screw her and thats the truth but i eat that ##&*%$ through and through
She rocked my stick and i blew my load
But right after, honey, i came home

I love you better than all the rest but eating out weekly i can't resist
So if you want to come with me, i'll show you what i mean

Eatin ain't cheatin
I don't know what your talking about
Eatin ain't cheatin

You should know that sucking ain't $#&@ing
Eatin ain't cheatin

Now i'm just a man in a band
I'm eatin out the (*##$es as fast as i can
Licky !@$%ty !@$%ty

Tonging that twat
Its finger licking good
Baby why should i stop

If you want to have a seat i'll clear a place on my face yeah

Eatin ain't cheatin

I'm backstage only using my mouth
Eatin ain't cheatin
Baby munchings jusy lunching yeah

Uhhhhh (licking sound)
Ummmm Yeah

Now Licky!!!!!

(Guitar Solo)

It doesn't make me unfaith unless i'm laying down the cable (cable cable)


Eatin ain't cheatin
You should know sucking ain't $#&@ing
Eating ain't cheatin

I'm telling all the girls around the world


Eatin ain't cheatin


Eatin ain't cheatin

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