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STARS : write what you know lyrics

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STARS lyrics : "write what you know"

Write what you know, keep the story funny
Have a happy ending, make the female sexy
Sing it for the people, hope they sing along

Yeah they're gonna love it and i will think it strong

Fall into a corner

Watch your favorite show
Pray to god to see her
Write what you know (x3)

Go and be a pony
In the pony show

Dance with other ponies
Get your $#&@ing dope

Time entwines around you, weaves me through the door
Telephone is silent, we don't make calls anymore
Try not to lie, it tends to leave a mark

Forget how to cry if you showed us the door (x2)

Write what you know (x8?)

Write what you know
Keep that story funny

Have a happy ending
Make the female sexy

This ending is so sexy (x2)
This ending is so (x3)

This ending is so sexy
This ending is so
This ending is so sexy.

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