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STARS : Window Bird lyrics

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STARS lyrics : "Window Bird"

Stuck on the wall, the note that you left
I wait and stall for the moment
Your reckless heart, you know you got it

Into the past, I try to sort it

Out of the fog, a colder morning

I wanted to call for nothing

Your careless heart, you know you got it

I crawlt o bed, and try to forget

When we go down, your loss of courage

When we go down, you're so ferocious

Blanket of cloud, the sky hovering

The winter is long and forgiving

You melt your doubt, and fall into me

I find your mouth and try to hold it

You blame your love, you know is harmless

We're both wise for falling

The summer arrives, the gardens alive!!

With the mud and mortar we're going to dave it

When you want to go

You can't get out through the back door

When you're going to leave

Wait out fear and look for me

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