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Spoon lyrics : "Anything You Want"

If there's anything you want
come on back cause it's all still here
i'll be in the back room drinking my half of the beer

and if you and me is so right
why's it the same thing every night

it's just a matter of time
it's almost measurable
imagination ain't kind on us tonight

you're at your best when you got the guns turned a hundred
eighty degrees
and finding out if it adds all up right

we go through all the same lines or sell out to appease
but go to sleep in a bed of lies
i made my own more than once or twice

and now time is my time time is my own
and i feel so alive yet feel so alone

cause you know you're the one and that that hasn't changed
since you were nineteen and still in school waiting on a light
on the corner by sound exchange

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