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Sponge Cola : Keep The Fire Burning lyrics

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Sponge Cola lyrics : "Keep The Fire Burning"

I might know
Where I could be
Remotely close

To what you need
Words can get
The best of me

I hope you'll understand

Half the time

Theses simple lines
Might not mean a thing to you
Keep in mind

These simple lines
Mean all the world to me

When it's four in the morning
And you're half asleep
The alarm clock sings the song of your defeat

It's what you said

You can lose a week

You can lose a month
You can lose a year
You can lose someone

But who's to blame you?
You were so innocent but then

Between the songs we used to sing

Was an endless search for answers
We found that part of us
We lost along the way

Beneath the songs we dare not leave
Was a lifetime's worth of fire
Burning as we sing

As we sing

Songs might get

The best of me
So I hope you'll understand
I'll keep in mind

That these songs of mine
May mean the world to you

As I purge myself
Of the weight I bare
Through the songs I sing

I can see you there
You're just like me
I can lose a week

I can lose a month
I can lose year
I can lose someone

But who's to blame us?
These questions loom beyond us all


As we sing...
Keep the fire burning
Keep the fire burning

Keep the fire burning
Keep the fire burning
Keep the fire burning

All around us now
Keep the fire burning
Nasaan ka man

Keep the fire burning
Keep the fire
Burning on and on

Keep the fire
Burning on and on and on
Nasaan ka man

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