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South Park : You Gotta do What You Wanna do lyrics

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South Park lyrics : "You Gotta do What You Wanna do"

Cause you gotta do what you wanna do.
Don't let nothing get in your way, chase your dream everyday!

True, girl you know it's trueee...
That if you really wanna be you, gotta do what you wanna do!
He was un-happy cause, he just wanted to play ball.

But he finally got the courage to answer's his heart's callllll!

Just like me, All I ever wanted to was to sing and dance.

And now that I stood up for my dream I finally had the chance!


You gotta do what you wanna do!
Even if other people don't really want you too!
True girl you know it's truee!

That the thing you want to do is the thing that you should dooo!


Some kids think i'm strange cause, I like studying for a exam.
But I don't let that bother me, cause it's who I am!

And I like nothing better, then making fun of jews!
And ripping on, black people though some people think it's rude,

But you gotta...


- Do what you wanna do!
Just make sure what your doing is cool and popular with everyone!
Chew baby, chew and chew!

[Bebe:] Hey bridan, can we watch you play basketball?
[Bridan:] Uhh sure.


When your eating jerky, it's easy jerky is cool!
You wanna do..

[Kyle:] Do what you dos, don't have restraints.

[Cartman:] Don't stretch about it or you just might faint!

[Kenny: muffled]

[Stan:] You gotta do what you wanna do!


Do what you wanna do..
as long as what you wanna do is what everyone wants you too.
Glue baby, buy some glue!

Just in case in what your doing involves needing scissors and glue!

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