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South Park : Even A Miracle Needs A Hand lyrics

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South Park lyrics : "Even A Miracle Needs A Hand"

Now don't go saying that.
There's always hope.

Miracles happen most every day.
To people like you and me
But don't expect a miracle

Unless you helped make it to be

You hope, and I'll hurry

You'll pray, and I'll plan
We'll do what's necessary cause
Even a miracle needs a hand!

You love
[Stan:] We love

[Kyle:] And I'll labor
[Stan:] Shalalala
[Kyle:] You sit

[Stan:] We sit
[Kyle:] And I'll stand
[Stan:] Shalalala

[Both:] Get help from the next door neighbour cause
[Mr. Hankey's children:] Even a miracle needs a hand!

[Kyle:] You can do Cartman's voice, can't you?
[Stan:] Oh, I'm so fat!
[Kyle:] You gotta sound fatter.

[Stan:] Oy! You guys, seriously! I'm so fat! Help me out over here!
[Kyle:] Cool! Now let's try the script.
[Sound Editor:] Rolling!

[Stan:] I don't what to do, dude. Who should we help?
I say we help Santa Claus (Cartman's line)
[Kyle:] Oh, you're just saying that because he brings you candy.

[Stan:] Oy! I don't need to take that kind of %#@! from a Jew! (Cartman's line)

[Kyle:] You wish

[Stan:] We wish
[Kyle:] And I'll whittle
[Stan:] Shalala

[Kyle:] You sit
[Stan:] We sit
[Kyle:] And I'll stand

[Stan:] Shalala
[Both:] We'll all try to help a little cause even a miracle...
[Kenny gets hit to death by a car]

[Stan:] It's okay we'll just have his character die in the film
[Both:] Even a miracle needs a hand!

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