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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN : Valley lyrics

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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN lyrics : "Valley"

[1] - I'm going to the valley el valle por halle
Straight to the spot where the mexicans hold tons
I know a place on the Boystown its trip

Down in Mexico where the girls just strip
But me I'm a pimp let them hoes keep dancin
I'm chancin, grindin winnin, advancin

Go it now im gone with a clovo full of hate
And when I get to Houston fo show I'm getting paid

[2] - I'm coming from the valley staning em slanning em
Rising realizing sizing em up
Got my clavo small paper tall

From smuggling a cross the ocean
Roll me a sweet in a cadilac fleet
Just clowning with the three wheel motion

I flip the cash but my stash flips faster
Cause I'm pushing the real good pine

[3] - I'm going to vauco in my black seville
I follow two my behind a truck with half a mil
I make my first stop at my homeboys ranch

I ask him "whats in the bag" he says "two acres of plants
It's easy going in but hell gettin out
I wanna make this paper and I think I know how

Suprise suprise I done made it back home
in an ice cream truck "who wanna buy a snow cone"

[Hook - repeat 2X]

I'm going to the valley

Vauco the valley
I'm goin to the valley what you think fo

[4] - From Texas to Cali we get our ye from the valley
We be hustlin on blocks moving in and out the alley
We call it medicine thats what u need when you get sick

Sometimes it's hard rock sometimes it's white pearl brick
Across, across the state line just me and my girlfriend
From powder to pine I got money on my mind

Stop wasting all my time and get me over to the spot
Unload all the cargo and meet me at the docks

[5] - Going back to the valley staying on top of my game
Meeting up wit my (*##$es snow white and mary jane
Only thing that ever mattered to me

Stacking dollars %#@! we making a week
Who the cowards who the killas whos the ^!$$%s wit scrilla
Felt all up in they pockets rocking fo' ^!$$%s that try to kill us

Then maybe later you (*##$es bother me
You wanted to pay you too late don't bother calling me

[6] - Going to the valley fo' soliders in a caddy
And in the back of the caddy got fifty pound of smally
Tryed to jack but can't catch me

I just keep that paper stacking
Always packin never slacking
leaving you hoe $$# ^!$$%s unhappy

Chopping burs when able, $#&@ing hoes on the table
Watching cable in a Sable, Dope House is the label
Selling em three for ten to my closest friends

Rolling back to H-towm big body Benz


[7] - Houston Texas cowboy wit a dime and a fiesta saddle
And I'm moving mo weight then a whole herd of cattle

I grip up the grain blowing up the panhandle
mobile phone on scramble cause rap hustlin is a gamble
Brick moving these H dudes gonna keep you grooving pursuing

%#@!, hell on my surella ice water lyrical good fella
SPM got the hook up, say watch out
I hit the highway, let twenkies crawl

I'm going to the valley

[8] - Man I'm flipping up to Mexico to hit some licks

In a Navigator bus bringing back some bricks
Get to checkpoint now I'm past the border
tell my guy alemar to play some more
Fat money cause we in the mix
I got that white girl and that stinky (*##$

Better ryders and roamers can't really ask
"We going out T?" "(*##$ I'm headed to the valley
So I'm out about to make some money
Pull up to a trailor wit about 800
Unload it I flip it get paid let's ride

Chunk a deuce to the guys and I'm back to Southside
Cruisin wit a couple of pines
Trying hard as hell to make it back to H-Town
Flippin but only make one stop
Then I'm buring out moving %#@! to a dope house

[9] - Cruisin to the valley checking up on me campos
Make thirty calls so I can wire free samples
Get me a plane so I can make my drops
Flying real low to avoid the cops

Weighing my weed on a digital beam
Wrapping it in a plastic quick so I can make my green
My windows are tinted so nobody sees in it
Wit mary jane and snow white the sky's the limit


[10] - My package is small, stack em in the entire wall
$#&@ the chotha must be loca
Everything a ^!$$% want make it to the border wit the motha
Pockets rising better quit sizing me up
But these coffe beans $#&@ing the smell up
What's up, back in the city

de bull lada I'm talking pronto
Call me the head honcho start a new revloution
like a back poncho
He yah see yah wouldn't want to be yah
Gots to flee, start the G
Switch the ride I'm headed back to the valley

[11] - Get um up hit em up
They want to know what it is all about
They way that we roll down south
Start baby wit dope house josie wells gonna
there aint nuthin funna then being and outlaw runna
stunna pimpin in a humma millenium smuggler
Dope game juggla, no nuts no glory

Real mobsters, they never worry
but we ain't home yet so dont get happy
we aint paid Officer O'Malley
Thinking of my profits going to the valley
It's all cavi

[12] - I'm flipping to the valley federalies

$#&@ing wit michael decodie motorcycles
?? cruises my disciples
I'm the type to crew smoke two and synas
wit my G's I'll hunt you
like Arnold hunts Sarah Connors
Primadonnas big tymers, playa, and rob reports
benz sports,courts, naked hoes, lascivious resorts

I get short my last resort tell L
to keep the Cali cause little down wit his essays
parlaying down in the valley


[13] - I'm a creep 59
to the end of the rainbow land of the llello
Dope fiends on my payroll, got rocks to blow
behind the stop and go they holla
goodness graious great balls of snow
Don't speed or trip when you see the lights
cause they can tell you're nervous just by looking in your eyes
in H-Town the business in booming
but it won't last long if you don't know what you're doing

[14] - Yeundo pal el valle in a nice Expedition
Got me creepin for mi ruka and my boys blowing swishas
Mcallen brownsville harlingen
six hour trip to get my endz
I'm out to get my Benz
on the lean coming clean
lean man flashing green
el meadow meadow meadow
thendo vact is none stop
daily stackes to the top
keep my hoes by the flock

[15] - Who rides like me come wrapped that tightly
L be's moving by the ton
Packed up in tanks under the trunk, 59 to 77
Collecting my lot not even sweating, back on 35
wit my cheeder just gettin mine
You know me your boy O-Z
Never left lonely wit out my G see
One trip @@#!s a flip
The way I flip multiplies a chip
I'm steady ?? cash flow
Transactions stacking paper rolls
The currency connect from Houston to the valley

[hook till fade]

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