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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN : My Feria lyrics

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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN lyrics : "My Feria"

[Intro (DJ Kane):]
Ooh, Feria
Oh, oh, oh, My Feria

[Chorus (DJ Kane): repeat 2X]
I'm in love with my feria

What I would for my feria
I stay true to my feria
Because my feria loves me

[1st Verse (SPM):]
I got a fat girl, With a big ol' face

And "In God we trust" tattooed around her waist
Helped me beat a dope case
And she paid off the judge

I bet her on the Cubs and the Phoenix Suns
Her name is Cashola way over Maria
She bought me a casino in South Korea

How we roll, You have no-oh idea
She runs with hoes like Christina "La Bolia"
She never bounce like a check

Put a ounce in my vet
Got a house and a jet
She my spouse and my friend

Put my cousin through college and bought my grandma a lil' ranch
She crazy
Always chase me tryna get in my pants

Ha, Ha!

[Chorus 2x]

[2nd Verse (SPM):]
She come from a tree but she ain't Mary Jane

I'm talkin' 'bout my paper, Maan!
Never fake or counterfeit, My madamoiselle
Bought me snacks up in jail

Until they granted me bail
My jew-els
Surround my platinum gazelles

She can't spell but she can sure count well
Record sales make her swell
Bought my first two twelves

My first sound system bang and rock the bells
Lock and load, Clock and fold
Pocket swoll'

Rock n' roll out the door
For pots of gold
Congratulator shoot haters like Space Invaders

So much feria I bought a swimming pool for my neighbors

[Chorus 2x]

[3rd Verse (Baby Beesh):]
Now we gonna ride like the wind

My lover, my dividend
She my feria, I'm her daddy, and she my best friend
Got me spending weekends in Kingston Jamaica

Ooh my fettucini, Ooh I love my paper
When she get outta line
Papi gonna get on her grind

Facing penitentiary time
But she's eventually mine
Same color as my hydro

I swear to God the only (*##$ I'll ever die for
Or rob for

[4th Verse (Low-G):]
I go to war for my peso
My queso

My villete's, Que bella
Te miras como una estrella
Da' playa'

El jugador
El fumador
Todo mundo sabe lo que haria por tu amor

Oye chico
You got my federico?
Now I gotta call my primo
El Cochino

Suck the blood like Dracula
I'm in the hood flippin' cookies with my spatula

[Chorus 2x]

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