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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN lyrics : "If I Die"

Persecuted by the world all I want is my baby girl in my arm braided up on pretty curls
Keep the fame and the fortune I don't need it there's to many out there wanna see me bleedith , as I wake up; stuck through time in this place people loose their $#&@en mind
I see shadows in the night of demons dancing most penitentiaries overseen by clansmen

Stay strong even though it's hard keep my head up and stay close to GOD
I see friends I knew back in school they ain't the same covered up in tattoos
In the land of the free I'm forever known look up at the sky and pretend I'm home

Dear Lord I know you got a plan for me but I'd rather be at home with my family

[HOOK x2]

If I die momma don't loose your mind stay strong
The world don't accept my kind

I was born hate free always been different
It's hard to stay alive when you're brown and gifted
I understand it and do time my life is going to slide behind the curtain of uncertainty

The pearly gates to the fire, cuz I'm a rambling man, a gambling man so when the %#@! hits the fan my plan is to stand as a man, my canvas is bland painted the perfect picture but my tears made the paint run; I need an eraser but $#&@ they ain't one, the critics looking at the picture saying it feels dark but you can peek at my heart baby it's still art
I know some people that respect me for me I know some people that neglect me for me
And so it pans out so now when I pass and the last of my breath has been breathed at ease

Momma don't cry for me I'm watching over you I'm still doing the same thing your son is opposed to do, so if you love me love me and everything is fine we're gonna reunite in the sky and do time


I tried to tell you that these mother$#&@ers wanted my soul, hate me 'till I'm dead and gone but in love with my dough, as they listen to my cd that they got from somebody ?I can't believe that he is saying this in custody, doesn't he realize we got him right were we want him? I was warned by a prisoner they'll be coming, can you imagine life without rats that backstab their own to try get were they at? I made millions but felt I was never rich, how can greed make people be so devilish? I wrote a book entitled they can't stop; took about 20 pens and a lot of coffee, they hit me up with some years and a small fine; it's gonna be the greatest comeback of all time and all I got left is true fans cuz my horoscope said that my (*##$ found a new man

[HOOK x2]

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