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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN : Get Yo Guns lyrics

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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN lyrics : "Get Yo Guns"

Yeah man, uh, I'm in the studio with Big Flake
Uh huh, that's my ^!$$%, he fin to wreck this (*##$

Yo, we shut them down with Dopehouse Records
We're family, we ride together we roll together
For you hoes that don't understand it, $#&@ you

KnowI'mtalkingbout, yo, uh

[Big Flake]

Big Flake (*##$ yeah, you know me
Ride around in my city in a leg-O-D
Like, I hit the block with a glock in my priches

$#&@ the pool %#@! and I got something for you (*##$es
That's all in my space, trying to take a ^!$$% place
But I ain't with the %#@!, get the $#&@ out my face

$#&@ a case, the hooter can't hold me down
I'm 300 pounds, six feet you know me now
And show me (*##$ where the dance at shack

Got a cannon on my waist and (*##$ I blast back
Get the last laugh, cause I ain't stopping till I fold you
I flip young boys like a ki of soda

It's the take over, Shut Em Down on the map
And we don't give a $#&@ I drop bombs like a jap
And throwed tracks, and throwed raps, I bust caps

Now what y'all little ^!$$%s know about that
First we click clack, then you hear it go pop
I'm a young little g and man I can't stop

I'm non shalant, so I can't be detected
And you heard the ghetto message, and (*##$ I wrecked it
It's like I resurrected and just came up out the grave

Cause everytime I grab the mic, all these ^!$$%s in a daze
It's like almighty, when you creep up in the hood
Every corner you weak, my g's up to no good

It's understood, my crime stories and dope sales
My ^!$$% Los said, man dope sales
You gone fell, if you try to test this

I'm like daytime T.V., young and restless
Check the guest list, me and D V.I.P.
I'm a cold $$# mex call me frosty

Don't try to cross me, cause I don't like hoe ^!$$%s
I bust down the door with a 4-4 ^!$$%
Do I like dro no ^!$$%, Big Flake on the loose out

Hold a grudge with two face ^!$$%s $#&@ they damn troops, (*##$


That's real my ^!$$%
$#&@ these hoe $$# ^!$$%s

[Chorus - 2x]
You bring your boys, I'll bring my boys
You get your guns, I'll get my guns

[South Park Mexican]
On the play list, diamond bracelets

Then we make hits, V-12's makeshift
Spent a few years in this rap game
Slanging cocaine, nasty sacks say

^!$$%s I was selling kilos, and elbows with
Are the same mother$#&@ers that I do shows with
Smoke indo, and $#&@ with some thick hoes

My enemies roll deep like some minnows
I'm ?stilloes?, the one you came to for caine fool
When you got robbed when you had to explain to

I can't do the dope, said it before
Devil in the mic, mesmerized be the row
As a plan of skills, I'm still cracking rims

I got a beer belly look like I'm having twins
I'm the youngest, mom say I'm the worst
The finest (*##$ in my school was the $#&@ing nurse

Only heaven knows, what I've been through
In third grade I got busted with ?hijitsu?
Now I rest my head in a hotel room

With a gun and a (*##$ and some used balloons
Watching cable half a eight on the table
Mix a two liter with four O's of maple

I'm wago ami wathro, come through the back door
And went for bout 80 pounds of wacky tabacco
I jack hoes, but now I'm trying to rap though
My nextdoor neighbor played for the Astros
And last night he hit two home runs

Everywhere I go I got at least four guns
I got two plants, that grow under lamps
I'm at the club just wishing I could dance
Man I got cash, still I'm a quetho
I like to watch my dog eat up other dogs and let go

I'm murdering, I'll destroy any earthling
Choking on his own blood, gargling and gurgling
Step to me, you better be hard
I know you mother$#&@ers remember me from Reveille Park

[Chorus - 4x]

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