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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN : Dope House Intro lyrics

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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN lyrics : "Dope House Intro"

Dope House Records....
Dope sells itself, BIATCH!!!!
The real always gonna recognize the real...

If y'all mutha$#&@as want some
Then come get you some potna

[First (and only) verse SPM:]

For every city that I come to

This for every (*##$ that I run through
This for every hater in the Universe
Stayin' one step ahead, I'm shootin' first

For every killa lookin' for some employment
I'm a ^!$$% that you don't $#&@in' toy with
This is for my enemies and homies

If you got a strong family then join me
Everything I say, be safely said
While me and my ^!$$%s keep breakin' bread

Don't hate the Mex, it's obvious
That you don't wanna see my people prosperous
In God We Trust, put down your guns

For my ^!$$%s locked down for a thousand months
I'ma bounce and bust, sell an ounce of dust
The wetback, I suggest you get down with us

[Chorus (Courtney Jones):]

Welcome to the Dope House
Welcome to the Dope House
This is for my killas, killas, killas

This is for my killas


Peace to my home boy Mansa

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