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I might not know what to say, rollin up in my mercuray
I'm on the sea and private toys, momma taught me how to kill them boys

My homeboys name is lil troy, me my name is Carlos Coy
Roll on tweenty two inch alloys, but that'll neva be my pride and joy
My lil girl she off the hook, make my $$# stop and read a book

On her stove know'n how to cook, now i know how an angel look
My beauty queen, My billy jean, some they come right in between
Wont let nobody $#&@ up my dreams, so i pack bubble gum machines

Everybody wanna wanna wanna be da king, (*##$ get off my dingaling
I'll soke yo $$# in gasoline now listen to my fat girl sing

[Chorus x4]
He's all cot up

Me an my boys we sellin weed, still i gotta slang that pappy seed
Snatch yo (*##$ and rock a G, now (*##$ get yo $$# of a me

Kick her out my $#&@en room, now they waken me up at noon
$#&@ that %#@! i'll take my time, I aint leave till three o nine
Hold up maan now stop the lac, i think i forgot my bom bom sack

With my homeboy lonny mack, i'ma smoke till i have a uhh cardiac
Where my army at, stay on attack, one good shot and we all react
I smell a rat, so i feed the cat, me be cool oh neva that

My chedda's fat, i'll get the gat, botha my pockets hella fat
I'ma democrat, what the hell is that, take my %#@! betta mail it back

He's all cot up
He's all cot uuuup

He's all cot up
When does the $#&@en first come in
He's all cot uuuup

Screwston tx were i roam, bought me home off a telephone

Took my wife on a trip to rome, bought girlfriend silicone
That vanilla bone, in the killa zone, 5 foot nine with high heellas on
I sipp Patron, flip my phone, left that pearl white (*##$ alone

Most my friends aint around, dead, locked up, or just cant be found
I keep my lil girl safe and sound, daddy gonna buy a cinderella gown
And if that gown should disappear, heaven is real but it isnt here

You cant take no souviners, like those diamonds in your ears
Raised my daughter differently, cause the life i lived wont set me free
Write my list of enemies, and kill them hoes alphabetically



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