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SNEAKBO lyrics : "Jetski Wave"

Lemme show u the wave
Gun man fam I don't play games
Bad man now I'm out on a rage

I roll out then lock off the rave
Man I ride no phone,
U can't get me.

No ping ping.
Nobody don't text me.
JKid soon cruise in the X free

I call dutch if a don try vex me
Sneak to the bo, I'm well known
I bang bang and I still get doe.

I went jail $#&@ feds I'm home,
You KNOW! I aint bait on the roads.
I'm sorry

Scuse me shorty
Wat u doin coz I wanna have a party
Gg and the south side barbies

I rip bra's then mash up the narni
Fizzy 4 4 locked in da house,
Bare fat corn make ur brain fall out.

Still GASS try### down town
When me, M. Gizzle and Dank be about.
Fall Back and don't chat,

It's gun shots for dem paigon yats.
I like girls with an african back
Jetski gotta dagga dagga dat

I'm badda then bad, I'm mad!
Innocent why dey wan lock maggs,
Click clack, mad H, lil shaks

I'm stressed out, with a zoobie kicked back!
How ya mean, how ya mean, how ya mean, how ya mean!
It aint calm, we don't squash no beef,

Baly on ma face, 4 fizzy in ma jeans.
I send them batty boys RIP (how ya mean)

Political lemme show you the wave,
That car music, it's only for the rave's
Birmingham girls imma love them babes

Try and keep calm if you don't want the rage,
Yo babes, come cruise,
Imma slash all the gwop from the ***

Lets head out to nando's yam sum food,
Back to the room, back back to the room like...
Boom baba doom doom boom bye bye

Calm brown ting, n her pum pum's shy
Calm in the evening, rage in the night

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