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SNEAKBO lyrics : "Champion"

Some people love to learn
Some people wait they're turn
Some people love to fight, yeah

Some people give their life, ohhh

My names Sneakbo

I'm on my way to the top (that's right)
I ain't rich still living on the block (A town)
I'm motivated won't stop til I bust (nuh)

I'm on my own all my friends got locked
Round here so sad when a mumsie cries
Little boy go school, don't go do crime

For every other mother another young boy dies
And the, police ain't tryna stop crime
When a young man dies that's another in jail

I hate when I see another black boy fail
I'm angry with the devil in my face
Saying walk with young gun if you wan' stay safe (rahhh)

See I ain't really a bad guy
I just got myself caught in the gang life
Bricky boy gas gangs on a mad hype

A Town but raised on the summer side
And yet the police took away my friends and
Everybody wan' kill sneaks in da ends

Can't back down stay close to the tent
Any paygon that I see are for rasclart dead (rah)
I'm A team been about on the roads cause

Mummy was broken and daddy was ghost
It's real talk I just wan' get dough
Then make mummy push that bummer like woah (vooom)

Make all the mandem come off the roads
And make all the galdem wine down low (back it up)
They back it up, back it up, show, show

I get girls like my names Sneakbo
She says I'm always on the roads and I'm never at home
I never show love cause my hearts gone cold (gone cold)

(*##$ listen up I chase money not hoes
So girl maintain or I gotta let go
See I been gone couple weeks

Come back fam I got a couple bags in my jeans (yeah)
We hit west cop a bag of LV
Then we cruise in the town in a white TT (voom)

Black shades in the whip with the hybrids
She lookin hot I gotta holla like hi babes (yo babes)
And she be feelin my wave

Got the number like Stacy 078 (lah)
And my phone books calm fam I got grown women
The drop top what my black tings whippin

My brownie in the dress look vicious
My white girl cooks rice with the chicken, how ya mean
How ya mean, how ya mean

Top 5 in the south now that's just me (just me)
Sneakbo, original sneaky
It's JAS I still ride for my team

I came up no help from an older
But still look at robbery as an Oder
Littles and Twiggs showed me how to ride out

I'm always round bricks I never hide out
So help me, real talk god watch me
Cause all my enemies still wan' drop me

I bust cause but the feds wan' lock me
I'm so parole can't trust no body
That's why you see me only $#&@in with Koop

And Bells real ^!$$%s that shoot
Political peak JoJo plus dank
My BB brothers like Adz n dat (shallow)

!@^& clat, Mad H, Maggie B (Maggie)
Lipper Dan Bora, Young Sneaks
My don Shades used to rep GG

It's all $#&@ed, Shades RIP
I been gassed, bare love for my co Ds
Bad dad, lala there be OC

PDC Jay, so's Temp TV
Shakilion you see my bricky boys rowdy
Bricky boys wavey, girls like ahhh

Gas boys bang on the dolly like ahhh
Them ^!$$%s wan'snitch get paid like ahhh
I just wanna bust then breeze in my car

Sneakbo, I'm on my way to the top

Sneakbo I'm on my way to the top
I ain't rich still living on the blocks
Sneakbo (sneakbo) I'm on my way to the top
My names Sneakbo I'm on my way to the top
I ain't rich still living on the blocks

A Town (A Town)

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