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SNASS lyrics : "Here I Come"

[Intro: Snass talking]
Eiyo this one is a war track, son (Uh, uh)

[Verse One]
Hata, it's all about making paper (Uh!)
Business is my major

I was born with that mind
You can't break down my monopoly power (Nah!)
I shine like a Botswana diamond (Yeah, uh!)

See I am already contemplating even bigger
Things for better market share of this thing (Whoa!)
I travel the world facing no barriers

Like an export from a NAFTA nation to a NAFTA nation
I gets enough time to shape my lifetime (Snass)
It's time to make more money (2002)

With these tight lines
Like I always say ? business-oriented (Mos Syde)
So don't take my word for granted

I am a rap-economist ? technologically connected
Rhyme flow equals cash flow
My bonanza ? 3 stanzas ? a big blow

To those that already know ? my foes
I celebrate with a 3-by-3 ounces of mochaccino (Yeah yeah)
If you're for me ? don't even call me a hero

I'm just a simple man who is yet to discover his personal legend
(Snass - uh - 2002)

[Chorus: x2]
Here I come here I come
The S.N.A. double dollar sign here I come

The game has just begun here I come

[Verse Two]

(Let's go) I hate it when they talk too much (Uh)
Poor shorty out the hood in a rush (Come on)
Overlooking this golden touch

Like Eve, ^!$$% top notch (Snass uh!)
Too good to be doomed
To be at this level (I'm finally here)

It doesn't take blunts (Uh!)
It's a race I take first place (Uh, uh)
Can you shield my hot darts?

Nah, you're already ablaze (I'm on my way)
How can you attempt to fend off competition (Snass)
When you can't even get on

Oh, now you wanna floss?
Aiight, check this out (Yeah)
Right now I don't know what to wear

I got so many clothes in my closet
My life is a slow jam
I pay bills on time

Cuz my income after tax is breath-taking
Peep my bank statement (Yeah, that's right)
So just sit there and watch the playa play

(Word is bond, uh ? Check it)

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse Three]
(Let's do this; let's do this, come on!)

Way 'Unbreakable' like Bruce Willis
Picture this Snass in biz
Coming out banging like The Wiz

2002 y'all already know I'm finally here
All over the world like a multi-national corporation (Snass)
Here to layoff rappers

It's a bad collection of wack MCs
They need a lil' education (Mos Syde)
Right now the Mos Syde Connection

Is colonizing hoods they got bad dreams (Mos Syde)
These young rap fiends
Crews they claim to be

But check this out
I'm the first to come out solo
They talk autos

I ain't got time to play (That's right)
I'm the number one big boy off the lo-lo
Candy fiend they call me bon-bon
In my field things never go wrong (Ooh, hahaha)
%#@! I'm here to touch and move real crowds (Mos Syde)

Clowns deserve a whip on they $$#es (I'm finally here baby...)
Hey hata my intelligence will marshall you (What?)
Like recruits at a training camp
On your second attempt
Get put in tabular form

And that's when Snass is gonna snatch his shine like K-OS
(My name is Snass and I'm African, uh!)


[Outro: Snass talking]
That's right baby
Mos Syde, Snass
2002, here I am baby, uh!
Yeah, you better be ready for this man

Word is bond, uh!
Mos Syde, that's right baby, uh!
We out, we out of here
Na'am saying? Uh!

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