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SNAP JOHNSON lyrics : "The End"

I got every reason to tell you that the worlds real
so shout it out, and the dust slips through my hands now

as I drown it out, with the lights down and it might sound
like the end the end the end the end...

(verse 1)
Yeah, and the danger's out of nowhere,
look around and see the people gettin so scared

spent half of my life just waitin to die but now I'm feelin alive
so I really don't care if you look at me, really doesn't matter
if I fail all the time, but I'm wiser and I'm sadder.

I'm the victim, so raise me up.
I'm the one that put the poison in my cup,
got the image and it stuck.

So gimme that change when it rains down,
let my body wash through the pain now.
Let me say that I'd do it again,

but we're all in this together in the end
so listen to me.

(verse 2)
Yeah we've been lied to a couple of times,
funny we don't feel the pain that much

funny how we're supposed to be guided by lines,
funny how they say rush rush rush.
To the lips of the alcohol neon signs,

to the back of my prescription sayin I'll be just fine.
I'm livin like nobody, so treat me like nobody.

(verse 3)
True things never found their way
so far away

lookin through space don't speak to me.
It took way too long
just to cover up all the lies

and now I ain't that strong
but I think you should help me if I try.

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