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SNAP JOHNSON lyrics : "Slow Motion"

Uh Damn! I'm shootin for the moon right now,
Move Back! I think I got a new sound,

Now my life's just coastin'
Bump to the beat when I move slow motion

(verse 1)
Gotta think about his plan of attack,
When he's getting up on the stage everybody's gonna laugh

Really? Is this kid about to do this?
But they don't have a single clue what he's been through to prove this.
Now it's time to let em know

he don't need a single person in the audience to make a show
keep it minimal, started out rocking out to techno
give the crowd a beat to grab on to they try but they can't let go.

And the stars hit an all time low (hey!)
everybody idolize the people they don't know
(but hate em too)

Everybody mixing their shoes
Like you could do you, you could do me,
but I could do you

(verse 2)
Soon nothin left but a sinkin heart...

could someone tell me where my old friends are?
Now look, I know this takes a while to start
take some pop and some hip-hop

rocking like Lincoln Park
Livin in the dark son
used to be deficient in my presence now I got some

didn't start out with skill but now I think I gotcha
wanna hear my bad tracks? Yeah I got lotsa
Time that I wish I could go back in time,

heard about livin through a grape vine,
kick it til' I make mine, cuz I'm fightin on a dropped dime
(and I would do it again!)

Now I don't want nobody lookin for me

(and that's the way I like it)
And I don't want nobody tellin me what I need

Ohh yeaaa

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