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SNAP JOHNSON lyrics : "Famous In Your Head"

(chorus x2)
boy better listen to the things I said,
you know your livin unknown

but your famous in your head.

(verse 1)

Wake up,
think of myself as a new man,
try hard enough

and no one even knows how quiet I am
and now, I know how to shake hands
and I know how to talk to a woman

I know how to raise stands
and I know how to fight when I should
and I guess I'm to blame

leave my loneliness, I'll miss it.
What if my time never came?
But a good life's defined by some

front row tickets to things like pain.
Thats what they all say,
but what am I saying?

I'm dying cuz I'm livin in a world that's all fake
and everybody's part of it
but what if it all breaks and I'm the one that started it?

(verse 2)
Is that a sign that your a bad guy?

When you lost more friends than you'll ever make.
I don't care and I'll tell you why:
ain't no one worth the wait

and I'm like 'come here'
ocean's eyes on me
takin down the time of our lives.

Soon, it's just you and me
we can whisper what our fears look like.
Imagine one year,

and I could just drift through the seasons no life at all.
Takes one year just to make my best dream stop breathing
now I'm on the wall.

Counting down seein every things at stake.
I live a life I would never take,
saying things I would never say,

life's a little bit of luck and a little bit of fate!
Tellin myself I'll be ok...

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