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Snakes In Paradise lyrics : "rather stand the rain"

(Jonsson, Berggren, Jakobsson, Waiker)

I ain't gonna fake it I can't take it any more

there's no doubt about it I'm gonna walk
out through the door
I'm gonna give you a lesson girl of the kind

you've never learned
so don't mess around baby you're the one
who's gonna get burned

when you first carne around ooo I got a
taste of a sweet wine

but if loving you girl is like a sunny day I'd
rather stand the rain
I'd rather stand the rain

I can't deny what I felt inside when I found
out that you lie

I ain't coming back girl doesn't matter how
much you cry
up all night went down to the city saw my

little girl what I saw was a pity
stand up got to make a move I won't be
giving my love to another fool

oh I'd rather stand the rain
oh I'd rather stand the rain

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