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Snakes In Paradise lyrics : "no easy way out"

With no reason how
daré you lell me Ihat
you'il go your way

It ain't easy I'm much to
proud to tell you now to stay
sometimes it's hard to

tell you so hard to tell you
l'm not pretending I just
feel this way

when night gets colder you will know
your gonna find out that you'll miss mne so

a thousand times just leaning on me
all that you want is now to be free
there's no easy way out

no one can promise that love last forever
there's no easy way out
of your heart

my friends tell me they tell me that your
coming home again
but I'm no dreamer I´ve seen this happen

time after time after time after time
why can't things be like yesterday
I've got no choice but to go my own way

the dreams we used to share
they've gone to god knows where

some things will change but I always will
love you

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