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Snakes In Paradise lyrics : "Key to your heart"

Well I guess it's time to go but I gotta let you know
What I feel deep inside of me
When I tried to reach your heart we drifted worlds apart

All I want is to set you free
Is there anybody out there on the milky way I wonder
Is there anybody out there who's holding the key to your heart

As long as the world keeps turning as long as the sun goes to the sea
But in my mind there will still be you and me
Whenever star is falling I'm wishing that you were calling

Saying you be in my arms tonight
People ask me where you've gone they say and I belong
I say she will alway be a part of me

Ever since you went away I've been living day by day
Thought our love was meant to be I thought our love was endlessly
How many times have I told you we're the lucky one's

Maybe we can be together till the end of time until the end of time

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