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Snakes In Paradise lyrics : "I want it all"

If you're looking for answers if searching for gold
And all the stories been told
Only heaven keeps the secret that you hold in your soul

I will fight for it all
A bright day and we're all together in the sun where
Fields and rivers flow - oh I'd like to go

I want it all proud like an eagle I am flying
Hear it call echoes from a place that still surviving
Where fields and rivers flow

In a world of confusion we've got blood in our hands
Is there still a chance
There will be a revolution I heard the news to day

That no one will ever get away
One day will find what we searching for where fields - and rivers flow
If you're searching for answers take a look inside yourself

If you're looking for miracles you can't hide in a shell
Through sleepless nights and lonely days you dream
Yourself away far away

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