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Snakes In Paradise lyrics : "FLY AWAY"

(Jansson, Berggren, Jonsson, Jacobsson)

Turnin on the radio cdriving round just

rolling on
let the wind blow through your hair the
sky above goes everywhere

pull up to speed babe don't look around
no one can tell us they will ever ever
slow us down

ever lasting summer night we'll follow the music
it's in the air tonight
we keep searching for adventures in the night

and we all reach for
something that will make
us feel alive I'm feeling alive

give us wings and we begin to fly
the mountain

we touch the sky
we'll go where the wind
blows in a world of surprise

we are the new generation
stand back for a sweet sensation we'll take it to heaven
it's only a matter of time

look in the future forget the past
you know that good time's will always last

start the engine nave a beer those pretty
girls are everywhere
this is for real babe so come along all

through good times the bad is gone
all those wasted years are gone we'll
follow the music

into paradise

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