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Snakes In Paradise lyrics : "Child of yesterday"

There's night in the city and there's no livin' soul around
You hate to admit it but you feel like your fallin' down
You said I was wrong but was it the other way

One look in her eyes and you never be the same
One touch of her skin and your heart will set in flames
There's night in the city it's where she belongs in the shadows

She finds her own way
You try to control her she's suddenly gone she's the child of yesterday
You gotta change your direction when you know that yo lost your way

You gotta find the connection that leads you to a better day
Someday you will find everything that you been searching for
Somehow you will see that she ain't coming back no more

if you ever should see her again remember what she's done to you
let the memories stay in your mind leave the past behind

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