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Snakes In Paradise lyrics : "Can't let go"

Baby I would rather stay here but I'm leaving
In this afternoon
The train is waiting on the station I guess its

Leaving to soon
There's so many things I wanted to tell you but I
Couldn't get the words to rhyme

That is why I'm sending this letter from this heart
Of mine
Take me to another destination I'm leaving this place

For a little while
Get me out of this silly situation to talk about
Love ain't my stronger side

I can't let go of you baby I feel like I've been
Here before
This time I'm really praying that love will

Win your heart
Maybe I was born a traveler to stay here and
The reason is you

I don't need no education words can't express
What you mean to me
My love goes deeper than the ocean I've got

Oceans of love to give to you

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