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SMOOV-E lyrics : "Dumb on the run"

Dumb dumb on The Run
Dumb dumb bust me gun
Dumb dumb your body Numb

Slump up in me trunk. [x2]


Cant stop boy i dont quit
Thizz i izz i izz the %#@!
I super stewy, doo doo dumb

Aye (*##$ here they come.
Ay yi yi im so fly, ghostwalk that furly try
Middle of the street they watch you move

^!$$%s damn and (*##$es oooh
Watch dubee do the fool, do that dance that furly do.
i heard he do that burly groove.

thizz face for certain fool
i rep that thizz i izz
run till 40 steal that (*##$

right there aye pissin in da street
see me throwin up the T

chorus (x2)

(Reek daddy)

My getaway car skitty skert so aaarrrrk
But we can shoot it up like all night
When i shoot this hot stuff at your brain i know ima have to do this again

Doin 90, gettin some head, just like osama they want me dead
But i don't give a $#&@ fire up some weed
A fat $$# backwood is all i need

A hundred gram, crestsider drugs
the %#@! that'll make your body numb
Get dumb i get amnesia i could make you have a seizure

Dog bag i know you hate my turf but i'll blow off your face you jerk
You want paperwork i can't let you up one sample i'll shut you up



so simple relaxin yea smoov-e gets to blastin
Don't act mad you knew this these cuddies the get foolish
we Brainless deepfried dumb up on that weed high

you want some you goin get some, two can have your income
got 4 fists,HKs, slump up on the freeway
dont fear them, wont act good

rollin up that backwood, im next door your neighbor dont as me for no favor
its long duck we stewy
reek daddy, smoov and dubee

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