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SMOKE lyrics : "I Just Don't Give A Fuck"

All right!

Verse 1:

You say I'm mean , you say I'm bad

but you've never been in the position I'm at
Truth hurts I won't lie
doesen't matter how hard I try

I say what I mean n' I mean what I say
n' I don't care if it's not ok
yall go low , I can't go slow

cannot even match with your flow
thats why I can't deny
it's just a hard $#&@in life

for the things I've said
I will never regret
for the things I've done

I cannot be outrun


I just don't give a $#&@

Verse 2:

You think I'm brave n' bold

but I'm actually just cold
it's the only way to survive this world
before it makes you $#&@in' hurl

cuz I'm sick of fools n' other bul%#@!s too
n' it's time for somethin' $#&@in' new
I've got my reasons to be like this (tell 'em)

diss me n' I'll diss you
and aint it fun how things turn
cuz life is a lesson

you learn it when it's through



You're going down
Drop dead

Don't stay


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