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SMOKE lyrics : "By Myself"

Verse 1:

n' I've been beaten n' I've been down
till I learned myself to walk tall
n' so many times I've been rejected

that now my mind is infected

Man I just don't know how I do it

I tried so hard but everithing is ruined
n' I blame myself for the way I feel
because of this nothing is real


n' I don't know
why I can't let it go


It's just so hard

I can't even start
I've done it again
it never ends

I can't let it go
n' I know

the memory
is killing me

Heavy is the head
n' the eyes are red
make the pain

go away

Ain't it fun

I'm gettin hurt
by no one else
but by myself

Verse 2:

It's like I'm addicted to pain
cuz I keep gettin' hurt again n' again
I take so much like I did before

but I cannot take it anymore

I've said it once I've said it twice

I've said it a 1000 $#&@in times
that no one can hurt you more than you
no one can n' it's just so true




It's like I just don't give a $#&@
It's like I just don't get it

It's like I can't bring it back
It's like I can't forget it



!#@* !!!

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