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SMOKE DZA FT. JOEY BADA$$ lyrics : "G.otham F ckin C.ity"


gotham $#&@in' city

too gritty?.get busy
young bada$$
young kush god

we go hard, riiiiiiight !

[verse 1: smoke dza]

rare ^!$$%

we in the building, so whoever else here, i got nair don't come near ^!$$%
be clear ^!$$%, i don't $#&@ with squares and you sqaure business
business is business as usual

rather deal with labels than live in a cubicle
that's what a few rap checks will do to you
life is beautiful, gettin' it poppin'

cold in new york, fly where it's hot yea i got options
my mom named me after connery, rep gotham city honorably
to not $#&@ with me is anomaly, what ^!$$% ?

you gotta be buggin' bottom line, no denying me cousin
no time for the fussin', well unless i can give you a dozen
wordplay dope, lyrics is krills

bring both words together, lucky thompson for real
just got some beers from my bro from the ville
like ?aye ?, ^!$$%s tryin' to build?

be cool?..


[verse 2: joey bada$$]

uh, uh?
these ^!$$%s ain't ready for a global shift in ?
life's a gamble need my own pair of dice this time

all i ask is for friends without parasitic minds
but that's as seldom as parasitic crimes
they don't wanna see me eat, they feedin' of my vibe

see i don't mind sharing lines cuz the shine shines
through my sheer white blinds, it's all i really need sometimes

a little, light to spark through the darkness
because this glory road ain't always to bright for artists
especially when you encounter a carcass

like ?damn, life's a (*##$ and that (*##$ ain't even barking?
they ask me how i do it, i don't really plan it
let it flow organic, plus the flow is all granite

no grammatical errors in the conglomerate era
no time for setbacks cause we all on to the better

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