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SMOKE DZA FEAT KING CHIP lyrics : "Weed Raps"

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
I'm a king (*##$, really though, I mean really though
Kushed god signs everywhere he go

You don't know, ask around maybe Siri know
Royalty, everywhere he go
One man band but the nights on deck

Coming through with the semi, know the scenario
I got many flows, they semi-pro
Jackie Moon ^!$$%s can't $#&@ with Derrick Rose

Who are you ^!$$%, you ain't never get no dough
You can fool them, but you ain't really like that though
Classic tapes, massive flows

Saw him with the game missing
Tell these rap ^!$$%s that they in too deep, and they $#&@ing with the ?
Got a low spot with nothing but low up in it

Low mug, and I pour up in it
I'm a !@!@&& activist but this Activis got me leaning like slow up ^!$$%
Take caution talking cause I'm made

^!$$%s never caught a fade
If it ain't ? then this the spades
Tip a hundred to the waiter cause a ^!$$% getting paid

[Hook: Smoke DZA]
Right, right, right

I heard these ^!$$%s wanted weed raps
So here's another weed rap, right
Heard these ^!$$%s wanted weed raps

So here's another weed rap, right
Heard these ^!$$%s wanted weed raps
So here's another weed rap, right

[Verse 2: King Chip]
Yeah, King Chip in this ho swagging on them

Styling on 'em, straight whylin' on 'em
I ain't want to have to get violent on 'em
But they (*##$ $$# should have stayed silent homie

Know a ^!$$% burn that frosted bush
Got a ounce for the next two hours
Know a ^!$$% smoke about a pound a day

^!$$% roll up them frosted flowers
Damn right we gon' floss with ours
^!$$% better know what day it is

She said what's your name boo?
I said whatever I say it is
Call me King Chip, my son the prince

'For I give him ? , then I give him kush
Doctor prescribed it so it's alright
If they hating then tell them shush

Buy copy cribs, copping whips
Showing up on red carpet %#@!
Damn I don't need a key to start the whip

Always valet, never parking (*##$
Cloud of smoke fresh out the whip
All this money I got to get

Tell the (*##$ quit playing, I got the hip
Yo, King Chip gon' smoke that %#@!


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