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SMITTY T lyrics : "I Don't Care"

Verse 1:


All I ever hear about's your money.
How you're always killin %#@!, merk (*##$es, call it Ted Bundy.
How you ain't just in the game, naw you run it,

how you're always gettin high, and I kinda think it's funny.

With all these killas in the game I better sit down.
I'ma white boy comin out a rich town.
Tryna fight with me you're right I'd prolly (*##$ out.

Two different roads, you're right I took the (*##$ route!

But that don't mean %#@!,

it just means I talk about deep %#@!,
it just means I talk about feelings, if you want I can repeat it,

I'ma white boy, yeah I'm all suburban.
Don't drop bombs don't wear a turban,
I'm far from rich, my look is urban,

& I don't drink, never tasted bourbon nah.

& I don't party, really I've never even been to a club.

Am I ashamed? nah, makin this music is really wassup.
So don't come tellin me bout how you've drank underage in like every single pub.
Or bout how you boned 3 girls at the same time last night, I don't give a $#&@.

Verse 2:

Then there's ...
you other mother$#&@ers, all you really do is sit at home and talk %#@!.
And let's be real, your sight isn't in the sky it's at the bottom of a deep rock pit.

You claim you're different cause the music you make doesn't fit the mold that anybody else fought with,
but I think that you're more of the cheerleader, always claimin that you brought it. yup.

This %#@!'s a game but you're not invited if you didn't bring %#@! to the table,
Yeah you rule the world, you rule it when you're home alone, playin Fable.
Always the same excuse.. "I would, I would I would if I was able.

See, I can't afford a mic, I'm too busy spendin money on basic cable."

It's obvious, you don't want it as bad as you say you do,

If you did, you'd get a job, get some cash, and then go pay what's due,
keep the extra, save it up, maybe buy mic that's new,
find promotion, if you don't make contacts you'll never make it, dude.

Please, for my sake, save your sob stories..
You want the fame, want the money, just go rob Maury.

He'll prolly tell ya which one of those kids is yours too,
Cause your girlfriend prolly cheated, like !@^%s do.

--- Oh wait, you mean you didn't tell your girlfriend about that song you made? Trying to act hard and saying all women are !@^%s? Or about how many girls you supposedly sleep with? That's funny.. why would you make music about it if it wasn't what you really thought..

Quit posting all these comments on Youtube, talkin bout how you're a 16 year old rapper trying to make it big, about how you're so different from everybody else, but then make every song about money and women. if you're one of these rappers, $#&@ you, I don't care about what you have to say. have a nice day.

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