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SMILEY15 lyrics : "Love Is Love"

Verse 1
What would you do if you had to lose the one you love
Cuz strangers don't want you together

They're tryna tell you who to love
But I know I can love you better

What if love was a crime
What if they said that you can't be mine

Would you fight for me like I fight for you
I've been under so much pressure would you help me pull it together

They don't know
About us

They don't care at all
But I'ma keep on fighting till the end
Till they let love win

Love is love

Verse 2

Your beauty is something straight out of Heaven
God's love is unconditional
How can they take that away from us

Don't they know what it's like to be in love
They must not know you like I know you



Verse 3
The American dream isn't made for me

If I can't have equal rights and be who I'm supposed to be
I guess freedom ain't want it seems
Never let them crush your dreams

Everyone is equal no matter who we love we're still the same people
Put our love together and we'll create a sequel
Marriage should be between love and love and it should be legal

My future's in the hands of strangers
I'm tryna protect love from danger
God loves us all and don't you ever stop believing

To take our love they'd have to stop my heart from beating
They act like love and marriage between us is a joke
And they can take it all away with just a vote

Nothing in this world could ever change me
I'm exactly the way that God made me



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